Cardiac Rehab Video Competition 2023

SOLVE-CHD held a cardiac rehabilitation video competition with the purpose of raising awareness and improving peoples’ understanding of what cardiac rehab is and potentially inspiring them to get involved in research/clinical work.

We received 12 video entries, each so creative, unique and inspiring! People from all over the globe have created these videos for the purpose of raising awareness of cardiac rehabilitation.


1st Place – Jessica Norma and team Betsi Cadwaladr, University Health Board, North Wales UK

2nd Place – Prof Robyn Clark & Prof Jeroen Hendriks on Behalf of the Cardiac Research Group, Caring Futures Institute, Flinders University, South Australia

People’s Choice – Ana Paula, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Entry #1 – Dr Leong Be Kim & Dr Liew Lin Kiat, Sarawak Heart Centre Malaysia

Delivering of cardiac rehabilitation program requires dedicated staff to provide compassionate care that can motivate patients for healthier lifestyle choices.​

Entry #2 – Ana Paula Batlha, Federal University of Juiz de Fora Brazil 

Ana presented the 3 bad habits that are killing your health and how to prevent them. The video gives advice and encourages people to change their behavior.

Entry #3 – Prof Robyn Clark & Prof Jeroen Hendriks on Behalf of the Cardiac Research Group, Caring Futures Institute Flinders University South Australia

We are very proud of the internationally significant cardiovascular research, translation and implementation project currently being achieved by their team. This video illustrates the important partnership we have with the Heart Foundation and shows our passionate team of mid and early career multi-disciplinary team of researchers in action.

Entry #4 – Prof Robyn Clark on behalf of all the amazing SA Cardiac Rehab Providers, SA Health The Country Heart Attack Prevention Project

Our video wall is a humbling and passionate plea to the 70% of eligible patients who do not attend to go the cardiac rehab. Our entire community of doctors, nurse and of-course our patients happily volunteered to make a united endorsement for the benefits of enrolling and attending a cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention program.

Entry #5 – Dr Sarah Gauci, Deakin University, Australia                                                

In this video, Dr Sarah Gauci talks about her research exploring the role of mental health in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Entry #6 – Jessica Norma, Betsi Cadwaladr, University Health Board, North Wales UK

This video is about raising awareness of heart attack symptoms to ensure people access the help they need fast. Beneficial for both primary and secondary prevention.

Entry #7 – Dr Disha Pujary, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai India

It’s the constant efforts that makes you successful in your life post your setbacks. Here we are to be your support system irrespective of your condition, for your improvement. This video is about a typical day in Cardiopulmonary and Oncology Rehab Centre.

Entry #8 – Rashida Bookwala & Prachi Shah, Encore Physiotherapy Clinic, Mumbai India

This video is about Pictorial review of phase 2 cardiac rehabilitation at our Encore Physiotherapy Clinic in Mumbai, India. 

Entry #9 – Joanne Verdolini & Roschelle Brown, Barwon Health Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Show casing our Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Barwon Health Geelong located in Victoria, Australia

Entry #10 – Tiffany Ellis, University of Sydney & Westmead Hospital                             

This video introduces the new ‘Six Steps to Cardiac Recovery’ app, the intervention for the SOLVE CHD project ‘Avatar Based Discharge Education for patients with ACS’

Entry #11 – Sonja Nolan, Alex Samuels, Amber LoBasso, Alicia Harvey, Jane Staats, Grant Turner & Ralph Hickman, Gold Coast Health Cardiac Rehab, Australia

Clients attending Cardiac Rehab develop a bond which helps to support them and encourage positive lifestyle changes. Some of these bonds continue once they have finished the program, and keep encouraging the healthy lifestyle changes.

Entry #12 – Hiba Baig and team, Tabba Heart Institute, Karachi, Pakistan                                                                                                                                                           

This video is about a journey through Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre covering Inpatient (CRP-I) and Outpatient (CRP-II) and its components.