SOLVE CHD Past Events

Due to popular demand SOLVE-CHD held it’s second consumer review workshop for this year. The focus of this workshop was for consumers to provide their valuable feedback to researchers applying for MRFF grants in 2022. 

We would again like to thank our wonderful consumers for taking out their time to listen to research proposals and provide immensely valuable feedback to improve the grant applications – your support to SOLVE is greatly appreciated!

Read what the researchers that attended thought about consumer feedback workshop below:

“The workshop itself was great, I really appreciated and benefited from the opportunity to present my work in lay language. It helped me to consolidate my ideas for my project and understand it from the perspective of a consumer. I took away a lot from it and I’d be keen to do it again in the future.”

“The session was super helpful and then having this follow up is just excellent, thank you SOLVE-CHD for such opportunity”

“Thank you for the opportunity to present my project to the SOLVE-CHD community advisory group yesterday. The feedback I received was extremely valuable.”

“Thanks so much for the feedback. In particular thanks for suggesting how to include it in our grant application, that’s really useful.”

SOLVE-CHD’s first Consumer Review Workshop was held on 22nd March via zoom. A number of researchers who were preparing for the Heart Foundation Research Funding 2022 presented their projects in lay language to a panel of consumers with lived experience of heart disease.

Researchers found the feedback extremely helpful. They will incorporate the consumer’s input in their proposals and were also reminded how such involvement from consumers will be ongoing throughout the life of the project. SOLVE-CHD is aiming to offer similar workshops to help and give guidance to researchers within the network and ensure consumer involvement in project design and concept from early stages.

Special thanks to our valuable Consumer Advisory Group members: Nicola, Sarah, Darren and Keith for sharing their personal experience and valuable comments with us. We look forward to continuing our partnership and consumer involvement in the near future!

On 29th April, SOLVE Launching was held via Zoom with a great turnout of more than 70 attendees from over 25 Organisations across Australia. Opened by Adj Prof. John Kelly AM (Heart Foundation), who highlighted the alignment of SOLVE’s objectives with the global, regional, and national mission of the World Heart Federation and the Heart Foundation, particularly in Policy Development, Emerging Leaders, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Secondary Prevention, and Consumer Engagement space. 

Dr. Saraid Billiards (Department of Health) and Prof.Gemma Figtree (ACvA) congratulated the SOLVE Team and underlined the importance of this Synergy Grant and its multidisciplinary approach to the Mission and priorities of the ACvA, Cardiovascular Health, and MRFF for all Australians. 

Prof Julie Redfern provided a brief background of SOLVE and the National Network. Prof Robyn Gallagher, Prof Tom Briffa, and A/Pro Adrienne O’Neil introduced our key activity areas: transformative data and quality, new research, and capacity building followed by some great discussion among attendees. 

SOLVE Inaugural Consumer Engagement Workshop was held via Zoom. 

Sincere thanks to everyone who has attended SOLVE first Consumer Engagement Workshop on Wednesday 14th July. Some great discussions and ideas were shared among researchers and patients about how to best engage patients in SOLVE program.

SOLVE Consumer engagement plan will be shared in due course. We look forward to fostering the exciting collaboration that will follow. Please encourage your colleagues that are interested in SOLVE Consumer Group to join our Network.