ICCPR Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Foundations Certification (CRFC) Scholarship

SOLVE-CHD is proud to announce 22 scholarships awarded to recipients all across the world who will be able to obtain ICCPR Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Foundations Certification (CRFC). This certification will provide health care providers and students the knowledge on how to deliver the core cardiac rehabilitation components according to ICCPR’s consensus statement on cardiac rehabilitation in low-resource settings.

The International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR) brings together national cardiac rehabilitation associations from across the globe to establish cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation, and to support both low-to-middle and high-income countries to establish and augment, respectively, programs of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation (adapted to local needs and conditions) to ensure broader access to these proven services.

Special thanks to Prof Julie Redfern, Prof Robyn Gallagher and Prof Sherry Grace for this joint initiative! SOLVE-CHD is extremely pleased with this extraordinary international outreach!

A huge congratulations to the 22 scholarship awardees from 9 countries across the globe, 

including Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal and Pakistan:

  • Ana Paula Delgado Bomtempo Batalha, Brazil
  • Mohammad Mehdi Hadavi, Iran
  • Mega Febrianora, Indonesia
  • Hamidreza Roohaza, Iran
  • Masoumeh Sadeghi, Iran
  • Dr. Adan Shabbir Ali Qazi, Pakistan
  • Dr. Saleha Shah (PT), Pakistan
  • Umbreen Azhar, Pakistan
  • Kiran Amir Ali Amir Ali, Pakistan
  • Mariya Jiandani, India
  • Priya Chockalingam, India
  • Juan Sarmiento, Colombia
  • Jorge Lara Vargas, México
  • Abdul Hayee, Pakistan
  • Qurat ul ain Mohtasim, Pakistan
  • Paulina Lizbeth Rodriguez, México
  • Be Kim Leong, Malaysia
  • Khushboo Bhatt, India
  • Eduardo Alfonso Leyva Valadez, México
  • Amar Rana, Nepal
  • Anjali Zende, India
  • Narayan Subedi, Nepal 

Read what the successful applicants said about the ICCPR CRFC Scholarship:

…even more than obtaining recognition, which has undoubtedly involved a lot of work (in this case, working on the patient registry, obtaining authorization to share the data, uploading it to the international database, submitting to the interview with the minimum requirements requested and accrediting the training course), what fills us with the most pride of this certification is the fact of knowing ourselves, as the stand alone center we are, as a solid project whose professionalization has provided great clinical results.

The motivation that this recognition has generated for the entire Cardiofit team drives us to commitment and persist on the first great objective for which we started this cardiovascular rehabilitation center together, the reason for our profession: the well-being of our patients.”

Dr Jorge A. Lara Vargas, CEO Cardiofit, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention

“Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity. I learnt a lot and got new perspective towards the application of cardiac rehabilitation. The application of diet and psychology in cardiac rehabilitation is under utilised in India and it’s importance understated, especially for a physiotherapist. This course gave me framework for understanding and application of these aspects to deliver improved outcomes for my patients.”

Khushboo Bhatt

Watch this video to hear about what Dr Priya though about the ICCPR CRFC Scholarship opportunity. 

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Narayan, ICCPR CRFC Scholarship recipient met Prof Robyn Gallagher and Prof Julie Redfern at the ACRA ASM 2022 in Gold Coast