Randomised control trial to assess the implementation of a digital peer support application (app) for people with coronary heart disease

We aim to evaluate a scalable digital peer support app (Heart2Heart) for helping to manage heart conditions and improving the social connection for people living with heart disease.

Heart2Heart is a purpose-built co-designed ‘app’ for accessing digital peer support. Participants in the trial will be randomly allocated to the intervention group where they will have access to the Heart2Heart intervention for 6 months via a mobile application, or the control group receiving standard care, but they will have the opportunity to use the app after 12 months. The intervention includes access to online discussion groups, access to resources and moderation from health professionals.

To participate in the study, see here for more information.

The Team

  • Prof Julie Redfern, USYD, Professor of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health
  • Prof Robyn Gallagher, USYD, Professor of Nursing
  • Dr Emily Li, USYD Research Officer
  • Dr Wendan Shi, USYD Research Assistant
  • Mr Joseph Weddell, USYD PhD Candidate
  • Prof Adrian Bauman, Emeritus Professor of Public Health, Sydney School of Public Health
  • Prof Gemma Figtree, Interventional cardiologist and professor at USYD
  • Prof Tom Briffa, UWA, Head of Cardiovascular Research Group and Centre for Health Services Research
  • Prof Andrew Maiorana, Professor at Curtin University and Exercise Physiologist
  • Prof Maree Hackett, Program Head, Mental Health at The George Institute for Global Health
  • Dr Karice Hyun, USYD, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Stephen Law, USYD Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics

Contact Us

For further information about the study, please email: heart2heart.trial@sydney.edu.au