QUality improvement in primary care to prevent hospitalisations and improve Effectiveness and efficiency

of care for people Living with heart disease (QUEL): Cluster-Randomised Controlled Trial

Coronary heart disease remains a leading cause of death and disability globally. Therefore, better long-term management of patients is needed. Use of data-driven solutions in primary care has excellent potential to improve management of patients living with chronic conditions including CHD. Funded by NHMRC and led by Professor Julie Redfern, the 2-year trial aims to determine effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a data-driven quality improvement program (intervention) compared to usual care (control) in 52 Australian primary care practices, with approximately 15,300 patients with 12, 24 months follow-up. The trial will provide robust data about whether QI reduces hospitalisations and costs and about how it can be implemented in an efficient and sustainable way.

The Team:

  • Professor Julie Redfern
  • Prof Clara Chow
  • Prof Christopher Reid
  • Prof Nicholas Zwar
  • Prof Timothy Usherwood
  • Prof Mark Woodward
  • Prof Stephen Jan
  • Prof David Hare
  • A/Prof Thomas Briffa
  • Prof Robyn Gallagher
  • Dr. Karice Hyun
  • Dr Qiang Tu
  • Ms Nashid Hafiz