Telehealth Education And Counselling program to optimise secondary prevention of Heart disease for patients with cardiovascular disease living in Rural Australia: TEACH-RA study

This is a quasi-experimental study designed to optimise secondary prevention for patients with cardiovascular disease. In this project we will evaluate the feasibility of an innovative, tailored telehealth education and counselling program for patients with cardiovascular disease living in rural areas. The study involves delivery of tailored education and counselling through teleconsultation.

Participants: Patients diagnosed with cardiac conditions such as acute coronary syndrome/myocardial infarction, revascularisation procedure (angioplasty), stable and unstable angina, post coronary artery bypass grafting, post cardiac valve replacement surgery, atrial fibrillation and heart failure will be recruited.

Recruitment: Patients with cardiovascular diseases, aged>=18, enrolled into CATCH (Country Access to Cardiac Health) program and living in rural and remote Australia will be included in the study. Eligible participants will be identified from the CATCH database and will be invited to participate in the study. 

Data Collection: Survey will be designed and sent out, validated tools including the WHO STEPs instruments, international physical activity questionnaire, medication adherence rating scale and short form 12 self-reported quality of life questionnaire will be used. 


Professor Jeroen Hendriks, Leo J Mahar Cardiovascular Nursing Chair at Flinders University and Central Adelaide Local Health Network, Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow.

Dr Lemma Bulto, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Flinders University

Professor Robyn Clark, Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow and Professor of acute care and cardiovascular research at Flinders University

Ms Rosy Tirimacco, Operations and Research Manager of the iCCnet SA

Dr Philip Tideman, Cardiologist and the Clinical Director of the iCCnet SA

If you are interested finding out more about this project please contact

Dr Lemma Bulto via lemma.bulto@flinders.edu.au

or email solve-chd.info@sydney.edu.au